A Film Of Faith And Devotion

Category: Documentary


Depeche Mode fans in Gothenburg

Martin Sernestrand owns 3034 Depeche Mode items and gets excited like a child when describing the matrix code system on CDs and how to distinguish his 95 different versions of Speak and Spell. Marielle Öst is travelling around the world to see Depeche Mode with her Polish devotee-boyfriend who looks exactly like Dave Gahan. Andreas Noréen is dreaming of inviting the band members for a barbecue in his backyard.

A Film of Faith and Devotion is a documentary about Depeche Mode Fans in Gothenburg, Sweden. By following Martin, Marielle, Andreas and 13 other local devotees, we get to know different types of fans. Although, they all have one thing in common, Depeche Mode has been a big part of their lives and has formed them as individuals.

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