Velour by Nostalgi & Ruben Östlund

Category: Commercial, Documentary, Promotion


Collaboration between Ruben Östlund & Velour by Nostalgi.

Karl-Axel Shirt:
In 2005, Film producer Kalle Boman wanted to make Nybroplan in Stockholm to a peaceful zone to remind us of FN declaration of human rights. The idea became the starting point for the movie ”The Square”. ”The Square is a peacefull zone where care and trust reigns. In it we have the same rights and obligations without distinction”. Today there are three ”The Squares” in the world. One in Värnamo, one in Gothenburg and one in Grimstad, Norweig. Kalle, this shirt is a tribute to you!

Discreet Bourgeoisie:
Why is the Zebra’s pattern black and white when they live on the sandy savannah? It’s because they do not hide in the environment but in the herd. Man works similarly. With Discreet Bourgeoisie, you hide efficiently in an academic middle class and upwards.

Belles Rives Chinos:
When The Square won the Festival de Cannes Award all actors thought that Elisabeth Moss had left france. When I meet her four month later I found out that she sat on her balcony on Hotel Belles Rives i Juan les Pins, a half an hour cardrive from Cannes, and saw the fireworks that celebrated the years winner.

Lumière Smoking:
There few time that you must where a blazer during Cannes festival is where you’re going to view movies at the Lumiere cinema.
Once me and my producer Erik Hemmensdorff managed to get in to see Tomas Vinterbergs Jakten. wearing only jeans and a shirt! The rain was pouring down and we where hiding behind a big umbrella.

Sainte-Foy Jacket:
During my first five years as filmmaker I was doing ski movies with a group of skilled skiers who where to become close friends.
Several winters we returned to Sainte Foy Tarentaise, a small, sleepy and beautiful ski resort in the Savoie-regionen in France. It was a careless time that was later portrayed in the documentary movie ” ”Låt dom andra sköta kärleken”.

Styrsö Bratten Jeans:
Every morning during my high-school years I took the boat from Styrsö Bratten Saltholmen to go to Schillerska High School in Gothenburg. I remember many windy, rainy and early mornings waiting for the boat and longing.